We are OUTRAGED. On Friday, February 26th, Angeleno nannies and the families who employ them were busy making preparations for March 1st – a monumental day for such a large population – nannies! Today, March 1st, is when Phase 1B opened up for childcare workers across the state of California, putting families and nannies at ease. We were shocked when on Saturday morning, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department quietly made a change expressly excluding private nannies and babysitters from the definition of childcare workers, thereby prohibiting them from getting the vaccine with all other childcare workers in Phase B.

This adversely affects caregivers, many of whom are minorities and it is NOT OKAY. This came as such an insult to all of the hardworking men and women who have been putting their lives on the line every day, providing care for children, helping with zoom-schooling, and ensuring parents are able to work. These caregivers didn’t have a choice – they had to work. They were considered “essential” during the lockdown but are now being overlooked at this very critical time. Excluding them from the “childcare worker” phase is absolutely unacceptable and we hope you are as outraged as we are. We are actively reaching out to media outlets as well as our elected representatives to appeal this terrible decision and bring to light the inequity this is causing. The excuse thus far? Potential for fraud. Well, potential for fraud is not an excuse to leave out the men and women who are tirelessly caring for our children.

We do sincerely hope that the county reverses this decision and allows nannies to get vaccinated. It is time that domestic workers stop being disregarded and we encourage you to join us in being a part of the change – we must do better.