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Business Insider

Business Insider Talks to Westside Nannies CEO, Katie Provinziano, on the New Trend of Wealthy Families Hiring Private Educators

The Hollywood Reporter


Westside Nannies Founder and CEO, Katie Provinziano, was consulted by The Hollywood Reporter regarding her thoughts on the current COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting families and nannies.

Business Insider

“The nannies are heroes right now and that story is not being told”, Provinziano said.

LA Times


“Our entire staff has been swamped with calls — it’s just been pandemonium,” said Katie Provinziano, managing director of Westside Nannies, a high-end agency serving some of L.A.’s toniest enclaves.”

TMZ Interview with Westside Nannies

Westside Nannies CEO, Katie Provinziano, sits down with TMZ host Harvey Levin to discuss recent nanny drama in Hollywood. She refutes his suggestion that families shouldn’t hire pretty nannies, “Just because a nanny hit the gene pool jackpot doesn’t mean she’s going to be a home-wrecker.”


FastCompany talks to Westside Nannies CEO, Katie Provinziano, regarding the impact of COVID-19 on families and nannies.

A-List Lifestyle

Westside Nannies Knows What it Takes to Staff the Households of Hollywood’s Elite. ‘A-List Lifestyle’ Gives You an Insider’s Look at What You Don’t See on the Red Carpet.

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