It takes a very special person to be a nanny. Someone who is patient with children, organized, respectful of the family dynamic, and who has the near super human ability to multitask everyone’s needs! We know that for so many of our clients, their nanny is an integral part of the family. In a profession that in large part requires one to be selfless, nannies always love being acknowledged for their work. Even a small gesture can go a long way in helping a nanny feel appreciated for what they bring to a family, whether they are serving as a nurse, planner, chef, BFF, teacher, counselor, hero or coach – all of which falls under the umbrella of what it means to be a NANNY!

During National Nanny Recognition Week (September 18 – 24, 2022), take a moment to express your appreciation and gratitude. Here are ways you can show your nanny that you value the care they provide your children and the work they do for your family.

  1. Give them flowers or a gift card and a note of thanks
  2. Give them a surprise day off
  3. Have the children make them a special gift
  4. Give them a day at the spa
  5. Take them out to dinner with the family

The best nanny-child-parent relationships are based on strong communication. Be sure to let your nanny know they are appreciated this week and always!