We are a household of big personalities, laughter, love, and lots of busy creativity in Chapel Hill, NC. Our son is 4 years old. He is the center of our world and quickly becomes the center of anyone’s world who is fast enough, sharp enough, and experienced enough to keep up. We own our own business that requires us to be speaking in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and while we love our son (and could be with him 24/7) we also love our work and clients which is why we are seeking support from someone with superb communication skills and incredible life experiences. We need someone with education and teaching experience as we navigate what we are calling “life school” for our son. This will be a mixture of organized programs, homeschooling, and travel all combined with a big life!

Our career requires us to have a non traditional schedule at times. Truth: We are busy and you have to be ready to roll and flexible. Also truth: Not a ton of surprises in our schedule. We are able to build out our schedules at least several months in advance, so not many last minute changes. Most weeks average 35 hours. Good News: You have a partner! Our first Nanny that has been with our son since birth transitioned to part time to help care for her parents. This means YOU get chunks of days off or weeks off at a time. It also means there is some back up!

Our home is filled with big ideas, loud music, opinions, laughter, and tender together time.​ We are devoted to getting out into the world and experiencing culture and nature. Many of our experiences had to take a back seat during COVID, but pre-COVID we loved traveling the world (8 countries before our son was 3), hikes, museums, beaches, mountains, and music. Whatever was going on, we would head out to absorb the experience.


Travel will be a must, and we will as soon as we can go! We own a summer home in Maine (or heaven as we like to call it) and we spend 6-9 weeks there depending on the year. You would be with us most of the time with breaks from the PT support team.

Our son is a true Renaissance Little Man. ​He is a lover of life, outdoors, jazz music, pop culture, soccer, long walks on the beach, reading The Magic Tree House (or carrying the books everywhere with him), skimming the NY Times, crafting handmade mazes, studying bugs, collecting snails, working in the garden, completing challenging math problems, browsing books on Japan, and singing along to Hamilton. You gotta love life to dig this kid. You gotta be an explorer of the world to keep up.

Your job will be 50% teaching and 50% caregiving/nanny-ing/organizing his life. ​We love schedules and truly believe that dreams don’t come true plans come true. The flip side… we are rule breakers and know sometimes schedules are meant to be broken and flexible because you just MUST follow this frog to the end of the road.

…and now for GEEKY EDUCATION NEWS.​ Our son is very bright and does not fit inside any school box or typical developmental setting. While he may be doing 2nd grade math and starting to read, he also adores Octonauts and Paw Patrol. Yes, he built his own chess set this morning, but he was super annoyed that we wouldn’t let him have gummies for breakfast. His sense of humor is sobering and his kindness infectious. He seeks attention for his work. He likes you to watch him create, risk, win, and fail and he likes a competitive spirit in partnership…. get ready to play a lot of tough board games (he will not go easy on you). We are homeschooling with a mix of Singapore Math, All about Reading, and supplements across the many curriculums.


SOME REALITY FOR REAL: ​We are two organized, highly driven, busy, opinionated Moms. We are fast and fierce communicators and we can do multiple things at once. We need someone who can keep up with him, us, and the world around us all. We love food (please love food- we have a chef in the home), travel, theatre, art, and making fun of everything- our strengths and weaknesses. What we value most? Organization: It is the key to freedom.

COVID ​It is important to our family that you are serious about taking precautions against COVID and that you’re keeping your bubble defined and small. This thing is serious. And we are serious about staying safe and keeping others safe.

You just may hit the JACKPOT.​ We have one Westie (under 22 pounds) named Jack. He is sweet except when dogs appear on TV or the UPS guys appears on the stoop then he takes on his alter ego called BARK MAN. Besides a little annoying barking he is a fun companion. He likes to be given carrots, let out into the dog yard, and sweet butt scratches.

Your life. Our life. ​Everyone says they are looking for the long term and we really mean it. We would like someone who sees this as a career, wants to be set with us long term, and wants to grow in their own education, and advance with their compensation. We aren’t looking to be a stepping stone, but someone who is rock solid and looking for a long-term role with an incredible family.

Position offers an annual compensation of 65K-75K depending on experience and education, PTO, travel opportunities, reimbursement for education-related continuing education, and merit-based bonuses. The position is live-out, we would assist with relocation and some time in an Airbnb while you look for an apartment in the area.

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