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Finding The Right Nanny

How do I find the right nanny? Where do I start? These are questions we get all the time! So let’s get them answered! Answering the logistical “nanny search” questions is Westside Nannies Placement Counselor, Elyse Parzyck. I am looking for a nanny for the first time...

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Does Vacation Time Carry Over?

Q: My nanny did not use all of her vacation time in 2017. Does she lose it and start fresh in 2018 or does any of it carry over into the New Year? A: In California, vacation time, once earned, is considered wages and cannot be forfeited. As a result, it is not...

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The Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make when Hiring a Nanny

Find out how to set your nanny search up for success by avoiding these common mistakes.

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