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Holiday Bonus Guide for Sitters

A holiday bonus is a must for those who employ nannies, but many don’t realize that it’s a good idea to have a little something prepared to give to all of their valued caregivers—and that includes the sitter. If you have a go-to sitter, or even a shortlist of a few...

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Holiday Bonus Guide for Nannies

When the holidays roll around, it isn’t just Clark Griswold whose hoping for a generous bonus. Nannies, too, enjoy receiving an annual bonus or other generous holiday gift that shows a family’s appreciation for the hard work, love, and care they put into their jobs...

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Finding The Right Nanny

How do I find the right nanny? Where do I start? These are questions we get all the time! So let’s get them answered! Answering the logistical “nanny search” questions is Westside Nannies Placement Counselor, Elyse Parzyck. I am looking for a nanny for the first time...

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The Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make when Hiring a Nanny

Find out how to set your nanny search up for success by avoiding these common mistakes.

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