Westside Nannies is dedicated to keeping families and nannies up to date in regards to the current Safer at Home order, and explaining what that means for both parties, in layman’s terms. 

In the original order released by Governor Newsom on March 19, 2020, it referenced language in the original CISA memorandum that specified that local jurisdictions could define essential services in their area.  Mayor Garcetti issued his own directive that same day appearing to specify in Los Angeles what is an exempt worker, which included a blanket provision for all nannies. 

Subsequently, on March 20, 2020, the State Public Health Officer clarified what is an “ Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker.” This took the language in the original CISA memorandum referenced in Governor Newsom’s order, and edited it to exclude local jurisdictions from providing their own list of essential workers.  Thus, this is presently the controlling list in California on essential workers and it now clarifies additional categories, which are now operative throughout the state, and may be updated in the future.  We’ll continue to monitor this and update you when appropriate.

What Does This Mean?

  • While Mayor Garcetti’s order made all in-home child care providers exempt as essential workers, this order is more limiting. 
  • On page 10 of the Public Health Officer’s memorandum, it states: “Workers supporting . . .  care and supervision of minors to support essential workforce across all sectors.”
  • This means that nannies or child care providers providing care to children for any parent or guardian who is in an essential worker are exempt from the Stay at Home order.  This means that they can lawfully travel to and from their place of employment, and work there to provide care for children.
  • An Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker includes more than you would think.
  • This list includes (citing page number in this list): 
    • Entertainment Industry, Studio “and other related establishments” workers (and all supporting workers) (pg.11)
    • Television, Radio, and Media Service Workers (pg. 9)
    • Doctors (pg. 1)
    • Healthcare Workers (pg. 1 and 2)
    • Lawyers (pg. 11)
    • Accountants (pg. 11)
    • Workers in any Professional Services providing legally mandated work and critical sector services (pg. 11)
    • Many workers in the Financial Services Sector (pg. 12)
    • Most Workers in IT and Communications (pgs. 8 – 10)
    • And Many other industries, including healthcare, emergency services, food & agriculture, energy, water & wastewater, transportation & logistics, communications & IT, and “other essential functions” 

Do I need to provide my nanny with a letter in the event she gets stopped by the authorities? 

Yes, we would advise any client who is defined as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker to provide their nanny with a letter authorizing his or her work. Westside Nannies has created a template letter for our clients to use. If you hired your nanny through Westside Nannies please reach out to your placement counselor and we would be happy to provide you with a template letter for your use. 

What if I’m not deemed to be an essential worker, but I still need child care?

Since Governor Newsom’s order requires all persons to stay at home, the options if you are not an essential worker but still need child care are to offer a live-in position only.   Nothing in Governor Newsom’s order prevents you from being in your home. If a nanny’s home is in her workplace, nothing prevents her from staying at home and working there.

Is this the final determination for this?

The law appears to be evolving, and we are committed to providing parents and nannies the best information possible so they can make informed decisions.Westside Nannies is providing an informational service only and is not offering legal advice.  We encourage you to seek your own independent legal advice.  You can make your own decisions relating to your health and we encourage you to comply with all Stay at Home orders, as well as maintaining safe social distancing.  

Again, Westside Nannies is closely monitoring this situation and will be sure to keep you up to date. If you are a client or registered nanny with us and have any specific questions or concerns regarding your employee or terms of employment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’re here to help! Stay safe, be smart, and stay healthy!