Instagram isn’t just for checking out funny memes and posts by influencers. It’s also a perfect place to connect with others who are passionate about caring for kids and to get some serious inspiration for adding fun and excitement to every day you spend with little ones. Whether they’re highlighting unique and engaging new children’s books to read, providing recommendations for delicious and healthy snacks, or demonstrating new ways to encourage kids’ growth and development through play, inspiring kid-centric Instagram accounts are changing childcare as we know it. Here are 10 follow-worthy accounts every nanny needs in their Instagram feed.

  1. Days With Grey

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PAPER SHRED COLOR MIXING As I began cooking Easter dinner, I was being asked a million questions. "Can I haaaaveeee an apple?" "Wheeeerre are my markers? "Babe, did you move my grill tongs?" 😩 I mean, I get it. I am the keeper of all things. 🐇But it was Easter dinner! They needed to keep busy so I can focus on this paprika potato recipe. 💫So after taking a quick look around, it came to me. We needed to make use of all this shredded paper in the Easter baskets before Will eats it all. 🙌🏼YOU GUYS This. Was. Awesome. Conversations and observations exploded! 👉🏼Everything about how to pull this together in less than 5 minutes is in my link above. Add this to your list.

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Beth, the mom of three behind Days With Grey, offers up fresh games and learning activities five days a week. Her ideas are simple and use things most kids already have in their toy boxes, but in a way that is totally unique and develops their critical thinking, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

  1. Forts and Wildflowers

Get inspired to go outside and explore with Sandra, a homeschooling mom of two who incorporates nature and a sense of adventure into every lesson. Sandra shares cool lessons, like identifying different plants and bugs, as well as book ideas and creative play activities. She’ll inspire you to share the world with kids in a whole new way.

  1. Busy Toddler

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🎨WINDOW PAINT🎨 Not gonna lie, I have just as much fun setting up this activity as the kids have doing it 🤣 I mean, who doesn’t love a good coloring book 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now make it a giant coloring book on a sliding glass door or window 👊🏻 Here’s the 411 on how we set this up ⭐️ I grabbed a dry erase marker and ON THE INSIDE of the door, I drew whatever the kids asked for (within reason). 😂 For example, instead of the sloth Kate wanted, we compromised on a nice simple spider 🤣🤣 Once I had drawn all the simple outlines, we headed outside with paint cups in hand (these little gems are from @lakeshorelearning since I know everyone is going to ask about them 🤣) I turned the kids loose painting the window-coloring-page 💥 Once they had finished, I hosed off the window, windexed the dry erase marker off the inside, and let’s be honest: everything ended up cleaner because of this activity 🙌🏻 So much fun & so unexpected ‼️ The kids always love the simplicity and calm of doing some outside painting ✨ I know that painting with young kids can be a little like herding paint covered cats, so if you are looking for tips and tricks for painting with little ones 😳 Check out the link in my profile for 8 tips to make painting go smoothly 👍🏻

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Can you ever have too many fun kid activities in your arsenal? The answer is no, and Susie at Busy Toddler definitely agrees. She posts new games, learning activities, and boredom busters for young kids almost every day. Whether it’s holiday themed games, sensory play, or just a new spin on arts and crafts time, this Instagram account is bursting with fantastic ideas that’ll have you wondering, why didn’t I think of that?

  1. Kids Eat In Color

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Will your kid eat cucumber? 🥒Here's some ideas for trying cucumbers! Do you think any will work for your kids? Do you have any cucumber #momhacks? List them 👇⠀ Later this week I'll be posting a video to help your kiddos start eating cucumbers! So watch for it!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #cucumbers #cucumber #healthysnacks #snacktivity #playwithyourfood #freshvegetables #eatyourvegetables #foodasmedicine #momfail #momprobs #momlifebelike #mommin #momming ⠀ #lunchbox #lunchboxideas #kidslunchbox #kidslunches #kidslunchideas #kidslunch #lunchideas #healthylunch #schoollunch #goodeats #foodiekids #eatyourdinner #kidseatincolor #dinnerideas #snacks

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This account, created by a dietitian mom named Jennifer, offers creative snack ideas, genius ways to inspire kids to try new and healthy foods to kids, and short and simple tips to help kids develop a healthier relationship with food. Anyone who regularly prepares meals and snacks for kids knows how easy it is to get stuck in a rut made of Goldfish and string cheese. This Instagram will help you break free.

  1. Poppy’s Preschool

Learning is at the heart of everything on Poppy’s Preschool, which is run by an early childhood educator. The account shares fun educational activities for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as ideas for these cool little travel kits that you can put together to keep kids learning and playing on the go.

  1. New Trick Kids

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Ages: [6M +] This sensory bin is filled with some of my favorite play materials: rainbow rice 🌈 and pom-poms! Seriously, they just make life better. And there's so many pom-pom options… glitter, neon, big, small. If you have a baby 👶🏻…search for some 5" pom-poms are you're set (with supervision still, of course 😉)! • We like to call this sensory bin Unicorn Confetti 🦄, because there's nothing better than a fun name 😜! In a large container, add some rainbow rice, pom-poms, and some bowls, cups, scoopers, ice cube tray, use what you have around your house 🏠. This bin is a great blend of sensory play, fine motor skills, practical life skills, and language development. E (18M) did a lot of scooping, pouring, and sorting. We practiced with different tools even though I don't expect E to understand how to use them yet (early exposure is key 🔑)! E identified 🗣 color names and we talked about the different textures she felt. Unicorn Confetti is a year-round sensory bin, just toss a few new materials inside and it's an instant hit 🙌🏼! • P.S. Don't forget to supervise and guide your child while they explore!

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If you care for babies and toddlers, this is the account for you. It’s filled with entertaining things for even the littlest kids to do. Even better? Each activity is labeled to let you know if it’s teaching gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, language development, creative play, or sensory play, making it super easy to be sure you’re covering all the bases.

  1. Little Mouse’s Book Reviews

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We have done a few fireworks activities this weekend as we can see a great display from our front drive……..I had planned some painting to do tonight, but 👦🏼 has come home from school very tired so decided to do make cupcake case fireworks that @mummyonabudget did last year instead…….and get an early night after reading #averylonelyfirefly which has some lovely flashing lights on the last page as the firefly finds his pals!! 🎇 . . Check out the accounts below to see what everyone is up to and if you join in the fun remember to use #nov_playalong. #nov_playalong team: @mama.smith.to2 @entertaining_elsie @oursensorykids @mayasmoonplay @something.sensory @theconstantdaydreamer @mygirlsmake @brightbuttonschildminding @paulineandlouises @myteachermummyandme @play.with.pickles @littlemousesbookreviews @toddler_learning_through_play @acoldcupoftea @marty_messyplay_and_me @honeybeesactivities @mudpiesanddaffodils @nittynattynorah @hamsonearlyyears @about_us_and_4 @printplaylearn @mummylouwithlilyandwillowtoo @diggers_and_dinosaurs . #importanceofreading #raisingreaders #getkidsreading #kidsbookstagram #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #makereadingfun

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What should read this week? This account answers that question with reviews of different children’s books. They also share neat activities to accompany different stories, like building a sensory play zoo to go with a book about animals or making cupcake wrapper “fireworks” to go with The Very Lonely Firefly.

  1. Play by Melissa

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She has been very curious about the time recently – always asking "what time is it?" So this morning, she woke up and said she wanted to watch the TV (in fact it came to a point she threw a tantrum when i said NO), but TV in the morning is not a practice for us (she probably thought she could get TV time cos I was so busy cleaning the house yesterday and allowed her TV time at 9am!). . . . So i took the chance to bring back the previously made #clockDIY. This was infact the best chance to explain why she cannot have TV time this morning. 1. I had her match the diy clock's time to the actual clock's time. 2. Explained that the time is 8.40am and asked her what do we usually do (first thing) in the morning? She had to pick some activities (printed on little thumbnails – refer to 2nd image). So we both agreed it was TIME for breakfast, and stuck the breakfast n milk thumbnail at 8am. 3. The conversation continued about the day… i.e. after breakfast, what do we do… (play/ dance/ read etc), and we stuck the thumbnails to the following slots… till we get to the school part… . . . So this is a routine that we set up together (it isn't any different from the routine i set for her, but NOW she feels INVOLVED and is AWARE that our day will be like how we planned, and TV will come at 11am, while mama prepares lunch n stuff). . . . Thereafter, she stopped whining about wanting to watch TV, and instead followed our agreed routines – to eat, to dance and to play. After we were done with all we planned to so, she said "mummy, what time is it now? Is it time for TV?" – i feel somewhat that she has internalised what "time" means and i m proud of her that she could patiently wait for the right time instead of throwing a fit when i say "no". . . #invitationtoplay #playideas #playtray #activitytray #sensorytray #sensoryplay #sgtoddler #sgmama #35monthsold #whatwedoathome  #playandlearn #letsplay #playbymelissa #preschoolactivities #preschooler #learntotellthetime

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This Instagram page my Melissa Cheok is all about learning through play, and she has some seriously cute ideas. Her activities focus on counting, learning letters and sounds, and introducing concepts like telling time, reading, and even learning about the digestive system. They’re great for early learners and can be adapted for early elementary kids, too.

  1. Art History Kids

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I love the work of Ellsworth Kelly. It's strikingly minimalist, but there is so much to learn from it. How do the different colored shapes look on different colored backgrounds? How are the shapes balanced in the composition? How many different ways can ways can you re-arrange these simple shapes? • Check out some of his work and invite your kids to try some of their own art inspired by his fun style! • . . . . . #creativekids#kidsactivities#playandlearn#montessorikids#365homeschool#classicaleducation#classicalconversations#learningathome#unschool#magicofchildhood#creativemamas#motherhoodunplugged#childledlearning#secularhomeschool#hiphomeschoolmoms#invitationtocreate#arthistorykids#artedg#wildandfreechildren#thatsdarling#pursuepretty#parentinglikewoah#momsofinstagram#kidsofinstagram#kidsart#kidsartclassn#charlottemason#homeeducation#homeschoolcollective#motherhoodrising

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Add a little bit of art history into arts and crafts time. This awesome Instagram account ties regular kiddie art projects to stunning classical works of art, so art time becomes creative and informative. There’s also free weekly Art History Kids newsletter you can sign up for that offers weekly projects and games.

  1. The Kindergarten Connection

Alex, who runs this page, is a teacher with a passion for making learning fun. She offers adorable educational game ideas, as well as free printables that help kids work on language and math skills so you can help them get classroom-ready at home.