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What Our Nannies Think

"I guess the difference for me was how efficiently everything was handled. From the application process and interview to the actual job hunt, it was so well organized. You guys made my life so easy and as a result, I could focus on just getting the job."
"I am SO glad you guys made it up to San Francisco. This was just the agency I was looking for and now I work for the best family in town!"
"Who gets to hang out with the sweetest kids, travel the world on a private jet, AND get paid? Seriously, you guys rock!"
"As a career nanny of 20+ years and INA member, I was thrilled to hear about your agency opening in the Bay Area. A boost to the nanny industry in general."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am obsessed with my new job!"
"Best agency in town, hands down."
"It has been a year since I have been with the family you guys placed me with, and I still think about how lucky I am to have found this job. It is all I could have imagined in a nanny position and more, honestly."
"You are by far the most organized and professional agency!"
"Everything is going better than I ever imagined. We are having the best time and I am in love with this special family already. We are in Rome right now, luxuriously eating our way through Europe. :) We just left Sardinia where we stayed in the most beautiful villa I have ever seen with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. It was amazing! Thank you for getting me the job of my dreams!"
"Each family I met with through you guys made sense. You paid thorough attention to what I was looking for in a job and always had me out on appropriate interviews. Thank you!"
"Thanks again for all that you did to help me find this amazing job! I am having such a wonderful time with Mee, and we are growing closer every day. :) I am working a ton and loving every minute of it!!"
"I wanted to let you know that after visiting many agencies in LA you are by far the best of the best and I really appreciate you making this process smooth and efficient. You are like a human eHarmony for nannies and parents! =)"
"Where do I begin? The job search was so easy through you guys ? very different from other agencies I have used in the past. And everyone was SO nice all the time, even when I needed time to think about all my options. THANK YOU Westside Nannies!"
"Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I love this family! Thank you for a great job!"
"Westside Nannies is the only agency I have worked with and the only one I feel I need to be represented by."
"Thank you so much for all your help! I'm so excited about my new position! I really appreciated Westside Nannies professionalism and promptness throughout the placement process - it has been SUCH a refreshing change from other agencies I've tried to work with."