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Meet Our Team

Katie Vaughan

Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for customer service were realized at a young age. While most of her peers were busy playing Oregon Trail and watching The Goonies, Katie was cooking up her next business idea – from selling homegrown organic lettuce and starting a neighborhood housekeeping service to securing an exclusive contract at the age of 13 to bake cheesecakes for a high-end wedding facility (under oath of secrecy – no bride could know a teenager was baking her wedding cake!) There is no denying the fact that serving clients and providing an excellent product are just part of Katie’s genetic makeup. Combine this with a love for children (instilled by being the built-in-babysitter to her five younger siblings), years of experience working as a professional nanny, and a degree in Communications from Pepperdine University, it’s no wonder why now, years later, Katie is the founder and CEO of LA’s most successful nanny agency. Aside from her work matching amazing nannies with special families, she enjoys scouring LA for vintage furniture pieces, hosting dinner parties, and traveling as much as possible.

Mimi Brady

Mimi, a born and bred Bay Area Native, has wanted a baby since she was a baby. An avid Babysitter’s Club book follower from a young age, she catapulted herself into babysitting and children’s volunteer work in high school, and proceeded to work as a nanny and preschool teacher’s assistant throughout her college years at Santa Clara University. Her love for family and children led her to Westside Nannies, where she experienced the professionalism of the agency firsthand – she was placed with a wonderful family until fate prevailed and she landed a position as Westside Nannies’ Lead Recruitment Specialist in 2009. Today, Mimi has returned to her native Bay Area roots and serves as the Director of Westside Nannies | San Francisco. Between her busy days of reference checking, interviewing, and making placements, Mimi can be found window-shopping on Chestnut Street or creating her next gourmet gluten-free meal!

Heather Rash

Heather - a Midwestern girl through and through – hails from the lovely state of Illinois. While attending graduate school at the University of Washington, Heather became entrenched in the nanny culture of Seattle and was a highly recommended on-call sitter through her local nanny agency. She developed a love for children of all ages, and has worked as a full-time nanny, summer nanny, and daycare teacher. After moving to Los Angeles, Heather secured a position as the Lead Recruitment Specialist at Westside Nannies I Beverly Hills and now serves as the Director of Recruitment and Temporary Services She loves the process of getting to know each candidate, speaking with references, and assisting each nanny in creating the perfect portfolio. Aside form her work at Westside Nannies, you may happen to catch Heather moonlighting as Cinderella or Snow White at weekend birthday parties or taking part in a local theatre production. She is also an avid lover of chips and salsa, and enjoys running, cooking, and music!


Kira Smithson

One of Kira's favorite things in life is finding out what an individual is good at, and then helping them set goals and connect to exciting people and opportunities. Needless to say, it took her a while to figure out that that's exactly what recruiters do - especially a nanny recruiter! Initially, Kira thought she wanted to work in program development for film and television. So during her junior year at Pepperdine University, she accepted an internship in the Development department at ImageMoversDigital, (the company owned by Robert Zemeckis, direct of Kira's all time favorite movie, "Back to the Future"). Since graduating with a B.A. in Theatre and Television Production, Kira has worked in numerous capacities within the entertainment world including casting, feature animation, production, talent management and project management. It was Kira's time at DreamWorks Animation as an Executive Floater and HR Assistant that she was first introduced to the idea of recruiting as a career, as she assisted her supervisor while interviewing college students for the studio's internship program. Though her work experience has run the gamut, Kira knows that her diverse experiences have provided her with a unique outlook on the headhunting process. Today, she is happy to have found a cozy little corner at the Westside Nannies | Beverly Hills Office as a Recruitment Specialist. In her free time, Kira loves baking, 'Instagramming' her new favorite LA eateries, bargain hunting, working on her one-woman show, and being an honorary Auntie to all her college roomates' children!

Brooke Lowry

Brooke is about as southern as sweet tea and magnolia trees! All the way from old south, Birmingham, Alabama, Brooke moved to California to attend a four year resort (Pepperdine University in Malibu), and graduated with a major in Theater Arts and minor in British Literature. Upon graduation, Brooke secured a job as an assistant to a head executive at the glamorous Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. The oldest of four children, Brooke is a built in babysitter and nannied all throughout university and thereafter (at one point for four different families at once!). Her creativity, grace under pressure, patience, hospitality, and childlike heart made her an exceptional nanny and eventually led her to the best nanny agency west of the Mason Dixon line! In early 2013, Brooke decided to make a career move, leaving the corporate entertainment world behind, and is now a Junior Recruitment Specialist at Westside Nannies! She loves the process of "nanny matchmaking", and enjoys watching special and unique nannies become a part of exceptional families for years to come! When not at Westside Nannies or babysitting, Brooke enjoys going to high tea, all things princess and London related, going to Disneyland, watching Downton Abbey and Sofia the First, flower markets, children's books, and pursuing acting!


Matilda, affectionately referred to as "Tildy," is a native LA resident with a wags to riches background. Tildy had 'ruff' beginnings, living abandoned on the streets of East LA, until she was adopted by WN's own Heather Rash in September 2012! As the official Westside Nannies mascot, Matilda can often be heard in the background of our phone calls (trying to say hello), and is usually the first to welcome new nannies into the office. Her friendly disposition, excellent discernment skills, and stress-free attitude make her ideal in the nanny world. When not at the office, Matilda enjoys hiking Runyon, visiting the dog park, playing with her Yorkie friend Luci (from the office next door), long walks on the beach, eating socks, and chewing on noisy bones in quiet moments. She is skilled in high jumping, and has an aversion to people in uniform (perhaps her stance against corporate America). She looks forward to meeting you! Woof!