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About Us

Westside Nannies believes that every nanny deserves an amazing family.

Our excellent matchmaking skills, white glove approach to customer service, and our commitment to ethical business practices makes us tick. Westside Nannies is an active participant in the International Nanny Association, the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, and is the founder of The Los Angeles Professional Nanny Association. With a bustling office based in Beverly Hills, we are supported by a team of dedicated women who are eager to help find you the perfect job.

Why Choose Us?

Access to Top Positions

Over the years, Westside Nannies has gained the reputation of being one of the top agencies in the country, thanks to the fantastic positions our clients are able to offer. Whether you are looking for a fast-paced career nanny position or a low-key, consistent schedule, we have seen and placed it all. Our clients range from celebrities and CEOs to lawyers and doctors, single-parent and same-sex households, and divorced and mixed families. Whatever the case may be, Westside Nannies works with families who truly value their employees and are willing to go above and beyond to find the perfect nanny.

Professional Representation

Being a professional nanny means being represented as one. That's why making sure our candidates are treated with the utmost professionalism and respect is a value we stricly adhere to at Westside Nannies. No matter how busy we may be, our goal is to provide fantastic service to our clients and our nannies, and that means answering your questions, prepping you for interviews, and taking your needs into consideration. And when you are made an offer, we are in your corner to ensure that you and your new employer start off on the right foot. After all, it's the stellar work our nannies do out in the field that keeps us afloat, and we don't ever forget that.

Competitive Compensation Packages

Some say the value of a top-notch childcare provider is priceless, and we tend to agree. When it comes time to accept a job offer, we handle all negotiating according to the highest industry standards to ensure that you are compensated at a professional rate. Over the years, we have negotiated some of the most exclusive compensation packages in the country, knowing that our nannies deserve it.

No Cost To You

No deposits, one-time fees, or percentages taken out of your paycheck: We are cost-free to our candidates, the way we think it should be. Once represented, all we ask from you is a great attitude, smile on your face, and professional demeanor.