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Nanny Doctor

Westside Nannies is proud to work with Dr. Lindsay Heller, a licensed clinical psychologist and former nanny. Dr. Heller, better known as the Nanny Doctor, is a professional nanny consultant. Westside Nannies and Dr. Heller work together to help you optimize the experience of finding and keeping your nanny. As an exclusive gift for Westside Nannies families, she will provide a complimentary 1-hour, in-home consultation. The Nanny Doctor’s services are available to our clients during every step of the process and include:

  • Help in finding the right nanny for your family
  • Support throughout the interview/screening process
  • Assistance in transitioning a new nanny into your home
  • Mediation during any conflict that may arise between you and your nanny
  • Guidance in ending a nanny relationship and transitioning into a replacement.